Looking After Your Labrador

Labrador pawsGetting a new dog is a very exciting time but you need to have done your research into the breed and know what will be expected of you with regards to care and grooming. If you’re getting a new Labrador, don’t forget to chat to your Attleborough dog groomers to get their advice.

What you will probably find almost straight away is that your new puppy absolutely loves mud. Labradors adore running around outside and getting dirty, so you’ll spend quite a lot of your time as a new dog-owner giving them a bath. Use shampoo if your dog is particularly filthy and give your local mobile dog groomer a call if you simply cannot get them clean no matter how hard you try!

If you’re bathing him yourself, keep a few large towels handy as Labs are quite big and could take some towelling down. Their coat is very waterproof so it can be hard to get them clean and you’ll find that your towels get soaked pretty quickly. If your dog doesn’t mind, hurry the drying process up using your hairdryer but take care not to burn your pup or let his coat overheat.

Labradors also moult a lot so keep a bristle body brush handy to give him a good once-over every day if you’ve got the time. Regular trips to the dog grooming salon will help keep your pet’s coat in excellent condition and give you a break from all the brushing as well!

Got any tips for Labrador grooming of your own? Share them in the comments below.

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