Dog Grooming Essential During Summer

As the weather heats up, it is vital that you make sure you take your pet to the best provider of dog grooming Norfolk has available so that it handles the sunny days perfectly and doesn’t succumb to problems like matted fur and an increase in fleas and ticks.

Keeping your dog’s coat in excellent health is essential as it is your pet’s first line of defence when it comes to protecting it against parasites and injury so you need to keep up to date with your grooming – which can be tricky given how busy day to day life can be.

The best and easiest way of making sure that your furry friend’s coat is in the greatest of conditions at all times is to make regular visits to a dog groomer, so they can do what needs to be done for getting rid of all the extra hair your pet moults at this time of year.

You need to make sure that your dog doesn’t have any matted fur, as this can be very painful and occur in high friction areas like behind the ears, around the collar, in the groin, armpits or under the tail, and between the toes and the footpads.

Such problems can hide all sorts of parasites like fleas and ticks, as well as twigs, burrs and thorns, which can be particularly painful. A groomer will know what to look out for and will likely be able to spot such problems easier than you can, so don’t hesitate to visit one if you want your pet to be in good health this summer.

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