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Study Shows Dogs Can Prevent Anxiety In Children

girl with dogParents concerned about the health and wellbeing of their children may want to get a puppy, as new research has revealed that youngsters who live at home with a dog have lower levels of anxiety.

Carried out by the Bassett Medical Center in New York, the study found that 12 per cent of children aged between six and seven who had a pet dog tested positive for clinical anxiety, compared to 21 per cent of those who did not have a pup at home, NBC News reports.

Lead author of the study Dr Anne Gadomski told the news source that there can be an incredibly strong bond between kids and their pets – and sometimes a child’s first word is actually the name of their pet.

“From a mental health standpoint, children aged seven to eight often ranked pets higher than humans as providers of comfort and self-esteem and as confidants… Because dogs follow human communicative cues, they may be particularly effective agents for children’s emotional development,” the researchers concluded in their report.

If you do decide to get a puppy, for whatever reason, you need to do your research into your preferred breed to find out how best to take care of them, from feeding to grooming. Get in touch with us here at Shampooch, your friendly Norfolk mobile dog groomer, to find out how we can help keep your pup in peak physical condition throughout the course of their lives.

We’re very professional, experienced and absolutely love dogs of all shapes and sizes!

Extreme Dog Styling

Yorkshire terrier grooming at the salon for dogsWhen you are looking out for the best mobile dog groomer Norwich has to offer have a look at some of the fashionable dog styles to help you make up your mind.
But don’t stop at the most obvious, or kennel club approved styles, take a look at some of the more extreme styles that some dog groomers offer.
The Creative Dog Styling Championships are held every year and feature dogs styled to look like film characters, such as yoda, or even as different animals.

Not content with just clipping the dogs a certain way, many of them are groomed using hair dye to create works of art on their coats The Daily Mail reported.

The championships are held in the US but dog groomers from all over the world fly out for a chance at taking home a gong, a highly recognised award in the industry that can result in a lot of attention for the individual groomer’s business.

Not only do they win the award but they also get to feature on the front cover of groomer and groomer magazine which is an industry favourite across the globe for dog groomers.

Of course, individuality and originality are the order of the day if you want to win, with new characters and new techniques being developed all the time by people keen to show off their skills on their dogs.
If you want to speak about the best styling for your dog, whether you want them to try a new look or whether you want to just keep them neat and tidy have a chat with us.

Are St Bernards The Right Dog For Me

portrait of a st. bernard dog looking into the camera with his mouth open.

Anyone who has seen the 1992 film ‘Beethoven’ will know that St Bernards are big, friendly dogs that can be a bit of a handful due to their intimidating size. As your local dog groomers in Norfolk, we can give you some help and advice on whether this breed is the right choice for you.

St Bernards are gentle giants and were originally bred as working dogs for Alpine rescues. Travellers making their way along treacherous mountain routes from Italy to Switzerland would often be saved by these colossal canines.

St Bernards were named after monk Bernard de Menthon, who set up the only way-station located more than 8,000 feet into the Swiss Alps. However, despite their working origins, St Bernards can make fantastic family dogs for the right owner.

Do you have enough space?

This is an obvious point, but definitely worth making. St Bernards are not really suitable for people who live in small, cramped apartments. While they’re not considered outdoor dogs, St Bernards will need space to roam free in your home and garden.

Do you have young children?

St Bernards are extremely affectionate and can make excellent pets for people with older children and teenagers. However, St Bernards may not be the best option if you have toddlers, because they are huge dogs and could accidentally knock over or injure younger kids.

How clean do you like your house?

Most dogs add a certain lived-in quality to your home, but St Bernards are especially messy. They shed frequently and are known for drooling and tracking in mud. Unfortunately, cleanliness is not next to Godliness for this particular saint!

Improve Canine Care With The DogSync App

Longhair dachshund puppy lying down on the carpet.As a Norfolk dog grooming service, we here at Shampooch are always looking for ways to help make your life easier as a dog owner and we’ve just come across the DogSync app that could really help you look after your pooch and keep on top of it all.

If you and other members of your family share doggie responsibilities, it can be difficult to coordinate canine care and know who’s done what and when. With DogSync, you can organise everyone really effectively and designate various tasks to different people, from feeding to walking and even playtime.

We know how busy you all are with your day to day lives and it can be all too easy to say you’ll work late one evening and completely forget that it’s your turn to take care of the pup. If you use DogSync, you can easily arrange your work and dog life, so that no area of your life gets neglected.

“Made with love by a bunch of dog owners, DogSync is the best way to keep track of your dog’s care. Easily log what was done, communicate it to others or if you can’t do it yourself then ask for help from your pack,” the developers say.

Another app you might want to make use of is Tagg, a GPS attachment for your dog’s collar that can track your pup’s activity and let you know if it’s gone beyond the boundaries you’ve set. You can also measure movement so you know if your pooch is getting enough exercise.

Grooming For Working Dogs

Sheep dog

It isn’t just show dog owners who will need the help of the best dog groomers Norwich has to offer – no, all kinds of dogs will need to have their coats regularly cut, cleaned and combed. This includes working dogs, and while there may not be one set of hard and fast rules for all working breeds, there are certainly some guidelines to follow.

Working dogs may not get dinner until they’ve done a day’s work, but their coats still need to be regularly tended to by their owners. Hunting breeds like cocker spaniels love to get muddy in their working life, so their coat needs to be groomed often to prevent it becoming too tangled and matted with mud and dirt. In between visits to the groomer, this can be done by waiting for the mud to dry before combing it out.

Working dogs may not need to be as precisely trimmed as a prize-winning poodle, but ensuring their coat is kept under control is still important for their own health and well-being, especially in warmer months where they are still being put to work. Shampooch offers speedy clipping services at your location with our mobile unit, perfect for visiting Norwich’s farms for some Border Collie trimming!

We know that your working dogs aren’t used to being spoilt in quite the same way that some pet dogs are by their owners, but roping in the Norwich’s top dog groomer is the ideal way to save you time grooming your dog yourself. We also groom golden retrievers and Labradors, so if you are disabled and need a groomer to attend to your assistance dog’s needs, Shampooch could be the perfect choice.

Grooming Your Irish Terrier

dog grooming norwichCall your Norwich dog groomers for advice if you’ve recently got an Irish terrier, to be shown how to groom it properly and what to do with its coat. You will already be aware that your Irish Terrier has a unique coat with the tip of each hair a deep shade of red, the main part of its shaft is wheaten lightening towards the root.

The coats are wiry growing flat and close to the body and as they go past their peak, they become wavy. At the base of the outer coat is a softer undercoat that provides water-proofing. If you have an Irish Terrier as a pet you will need it to be ‘stripped’ twice a year.

Stripping involves pulling out the dead hair and is time consuming, so don’t be surprised if you get a fairly high quote from a professional for doing it. When you decide to groom your own terrier it is important to invest in a grooming stand to assist in getting this fidgety terrier to keep still.

An Irish terrier is unlikely to get particularly dirty as his undercoat will protect him. You can bath them if they are dirtier than normal, or dirtier than brushing can remove. When bathing use a dog shampoo and lather the entire body, avoiding the head. The dog will need to be rinsed several times to ensure that all of the soap is removed from their coat. You can place cotton wool buts inside the ears to protect from water splashes.

Shih Tzu: Caring For The Lion’s Son

Shih TzuThe Shih Tzu is a breed of Mandarin toy dog that requires just as much work and attention as any other dog and may need frequent trips to your Norwich dog groomer to keep them looking magnificent.

Also known as the Xi Shi dog after Xi Shi, the most beautiful woman of ancient China, the Shih Tzu is a dog that needs careful grooming to prevent problems further down the line. As a long-haired breed, the Shih Tzu’s fur is prone to matting and requires brushing at least once a day.

The hair around the eyes needs careful attention to prevent it getting in them and causing infections, leading to blindness and cataracts, and areas around the belly and legs will need trimming to prevent matting and subsequent hot spots.

Of course, if you keep your Shih Tzu well groomed and grow out its long hair, you can end up with a very beautiful dog (or Cousin It if you choose not to tie its hair back!). Many owners visit the mobile dog groomers fairly often to keep the hair short to stop the problems associated with matted hair but choose to keep length on the tail.

The sight of a big spread of hair waving around as the dog wags its tail is a lovely and frequent one. The breed is a happy sort and will get on very well with neighbours or even strangers when it knows they’re not a threat. They can be seen as stubborn but this is usually because of a very strong personality.

This personality (and the lively, playful behaviour) can sometimes mean a need for extra training as the dog can be quite happily unaware of what it’s doing wrong but with a little extra time and effort, you can have a very loving companion who will be happy to play or lie on his bed as you watch TV. For more information about this breed, go to the All Shi Tzu website.

How To Care For Your Chow Chow

chow chowIf you’re thinking of getting a chow chow as a family pet, then excellent choice! These pups are particularly affectionate towards their owners and make very good guard dogs, as well as being easy to house train – the perfect pet! However, make sure you book regular sessions with the most qualified dog groomer Norwich has available, as their thick coat means they do need a bit of looking after.

You should ensure that you give your new puppy a good brushing at least once a week and take them to the dog grooming salon for a tidy up every now and again. Watch out for tangles in their soft undercoat and tease these out as gently as you can, although if you’re worried about hurting your pooch your groomer can do this for you.

During the summer, it might be worth taking them to the groomers more frequently as they can get itchy and rather uncomfortable in hot weather. You would too if you had all that fluff! They can pull at their coats if they get too hot and this could result in inflammation or open sores, so check your pet over regularly during the summer months.

What you’re also likely to find is that your chow chow hates bathtime. They’re not big fans of water (and hate going out in the rain), so if you’re bathing your dog yourself make sure you’re very gentle and do everything slowly so as not to scare them. To dry them off, it’s probably best to keep them inside in a warm room until the hair dries naturally. Check out even more grooming tips here.

Owning A Pug: The Facts

smiling pugGetting a dog is a big decision, but if you choose to have a pug in your life, you need to know exactly how to take care of it. Why not ask your Norwich dog groomers for some advice regarding treatments and care before you pop off to pick up your new pet?

When it comes to pugs, the first thing you need to know is that they are prone to a lot of eye problems. Their peepers are wonderfully large and expressive, which is why so many people fall in love with them so quickly, but you must be able to recognise when they run into difficulties.

They can get cataracts (which if left untreated could lead to glaucoma), distichiasis where the eyelashes grow where they shouldn’t be and irritate part of the eye, progressive retinal atrophy which can lead to blindness and corneal ulcers, so look out for any squinting or a bluish film over the eye.

Pugs are also susceptible to luxating patellas, where the bone in the knee dislocates from the femur. Keep an eye on your pooch to see if they’re favouring either leg when walking or running, or if they have trouble sitting down and getting up.

When it comes to actually pampering your pug and making sure they are properly groomed, you’ll be pleased to hear that they’re quite low maintenance, so your dog groomer won’t have their work cut out for them.

Make sure that you take them for regular brushings so their coat stays nice and glossy – and ask your dog groomer to give them a bath from time to time, as pugs absolutely love splashing about in the tub!

Dog Grooming in Norfolk This Winter

mobile dog groomers NorfolkThe temperature has been dropping recently and with the change in weather comes a number of challenges to dogs and their owners when keeping them well groomed. We here at Shampooch, one of the best mobile dog groomers Norfolk has to offer, have spoken to many dog owners over the years and here are their top tips.

Keeping warm
Some owners are concerned that their dog needs to keep its coat longer than normal in the winter in order to keep warm. While it is true that outdoor dogs need longer coats in the winter, dogs that live indoors do not need to change their normal cut. Dog owners who are concerned about keeping their dogs warm can consider a longer cut or a doggie sweater.

Though most dogs are well adapted to the cold, owners of dobermans, toy dogs, low hair or hairless dogs, and greyhounds should consider that those breeds can be more susceptible to the cold. The winter weather can also make it difficult for owners to get to their dog groomer, so consider a mobile dog groomer in Norfolk.

Keeping clean
It is not just the cold that owners need to consider in the winter weather, the increasingly wet conditions can cause problems for many owners. Keeping dogs dry and clean when out on walks can be a challenge, especially in muddy conditions. Owners should consider the route they are taking when out walking their dogs, and avoid muddy areas. Gravel tracks and beach walks can mean avoiding the worst of the winter mud. If your dog still manages to get stuck in the mud you can of course give your local dog groomers a call to discuss booking a bathing appointment. 

Matted hair
A combination of winter cold, rain and wind can cause significant problems with the coats of some breeds, particularly long haired dogs. Matting can occur and requires particular care and attention when attempting to de-mat dogs’ coats. Dog owners in Norwich can take advantage of de-matting services offered by your local groomer. If they’re mobile and can come to you, more’s the better!