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3 Cleaning And Grooming Requirements Of Bulldogs

Bulldogs are an immensely popular breed, with celebrities from Adam Sandler and Reece Witherspoon to John Legend and Ozzy Osbourne owning one (or more!). But hiring a professional dog grooming service in Norwich may be the best way to ensure your canine stays in excellent health.

cleaning a bulldogDue to the way they’ve been bred over the years, bulldogs often have special cleaning and grooming requirements. Here are some of the issues you may need to watch for if you own a bulldog.

  1. Skin folds 

English bulldogs tend to have a lot of skin folds, particularly around their face and lips. These creases can become infected, so it’s crucial your dog is regularly cleaned and checked for potential outbreaks. Skin folds become deeper as the dog ages, but familiarise your pooch with the process as a pup.

  1. Eyes 

Bulldogs often suffer from eye problems due to the eyelashes curling underneath the lid. They also have a short muzzle, which means their eyes are more likely to come into contact with dust and irritants when sniffing. Frequent cleaning prevents these problems from occurring or getting worse.

  1. Coats 

Bulldogs typically have short coats, so many people assume they don’t need regular grooming. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, as brushing and washing a bulldog’s coat not only keeps it shiny and healthy, but also allows you to quickly spot any skin conditions before they develop.

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Preventing Ear Infections In Dogs

preventing ear infections in dogsPeople looking for the best dog grooming Norwich has to offer will be pleased to hear that Shampooch offers ear and paw cleaning as part of its standard clipping and styling service.

Ear cleaning is particularly important as failing to do this properly could result in costly and painful ear infections for your dog.

Anyone who has tried to administer ear drops to a dog before knows that this is a situation to be avoided, so read on to find out how to prevent ear infections in dogs.

Prevention involves working out what it is that is causing your dog to become prone to ear infections if they have had them in the past, or from avoiding conditions that could encourage an infection.

The ear becomes prone to infection if it becomes wet or moist from grooming, swimming or bathing. The warm moist environment of the ear allows microorganisms to grow rapidly and can lead to an infection.

Some dogs can also have allergies that lead to ear infections. High pollen levels in the summer can contribute to ear infections, as can dust mites or even food allergy. This is as an allergic reaction leads to inflammation that can cause cracks in the skin and the ear canal that can let microorganisms in, which cause an infection.

It is best to discuss any history of ear infections your dog may have with your groomer, to ensure they are aware of any measures that need to be taken. You can also buy ear cleaners for dogs.

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