How To Care For Your Chow Chow

chow chowIf you’re thinking of getting a chow chow as a family pet, then excellent choice! These pups are particularly affectionate towards their owners and make very good guard dogs, as well as being easy to house train – the perfect pet! However, make sure you book regular sessions with the most qualified dog groomer Norwich has available, as their thick coat means they do need a bit of looking after.

You should ensure that you give your new puppy a good brushing at least once a week and take them to the dog grooming salon for a tidy up every now and again. Watch out for tangles in their soft undercoat and tease these out as gently as you can, although if you’re worried about hurting your pooch your groomer can do this for you.

During the summer, it might be worth taking them to the groomers more frequently as they can get itchy and rather uncomfortable in hot weather. You would too if you had all that fluff! They can pull at their coats if they get too hot and this could result in inflammation or open sores, so check your pet over regularly during the summer months.

What you’re also likely to find is that your chow chow hates bathtime. They’re not big fans of water (and hate going out in the rain), so if you’re bathing your dog yourself make sure you’re very gentle and do everything slowly so as not to scare them. To dry them off, it’s probably best to keep them inside in a warm room until the hair dries naturally. Check out even more grooming tips here.

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