Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

German ShepherdThe summer months are a time when you have to focus on keeping your dog clean and well groomed, so speak to the best dog groomer Norwich has to offer with help in this regard

Other care issues you’ll have to face during the hotter months is making sure you don’t leave your dog in a hot car, which can kill them. You need to make doubly sure you don’t do this in a heat wave.

To make sure they stay cool you need to give the dog access to cool water at all times, and also shade. Make sure they are able to access a cooler part of the house or garden to cool off.

You also need to make sure they don’t exhaust themselves when out on a walk so check for excessive panting.

Read more on dealing with dogs with heat stroke on the RSPCA website and also about what to do if you see a dog in a car.

Sweating and heat can make their coat dirty and smelly so consider washing them more frequently than normal. High grass, seeds and pollen can also get caught in their coats and cause matting so ensure you keep on top of this.

Long-haired dogs are at particular risk of matting but you need to brush all dogs from time to time. ‘Fluffy’ breeds may require brushing daily to keep on top of matting.

Unfortunately, if your dog’s coat has ended up matted you may need to consider taking them in for a trim to remove any clumps of hair.  


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