Are St Bernards The Right Dog For Me

portrait of a st. bernard dog looking into the camera with his mouth open.

Anyone who has seen the 1992 film ‘Beethoven’ will know that St Bernards are big, friendly dogs that can be a bit of a handful due to their intimidating size. As your local dog groomers in Norfolk, we can give you some help and advice on whether this breed is the right choice for you.

St Bernards are gentle giants and were originally bred as working dogs for Alpine rescues. Travellers making their way along treacherous mountain routes from Italy to Switzerland would often be saved by these colossal canines.

St Bernards were named after monk Bernard de Menthon, who set up the only way-station located more than 8,000 feet into the Swiss Alps. However, despite their working origins, St Bernards can make fantastic family dogs for the right owner.

Do you have enough space?

This is an obvious point, but definitely worth making. St Bernards are not really suitable for people who live in small, cramped apartments. While they’re not considered outdoor dogs, St Bernards will need space to roam free in your home and garden.

Do you have young children?

St Bernards are extremely affectionate and can make excellent pets for people with older children and teenagers. However, St Bernards may not be the best option if you have toddlers, because they are huge dogs and could accidentally knock over or injure younger kids.

How clean do you like your house?

Most dogs add a certain lived-in quality to your home, but St Bernards are especially messy. They shed frequently and are known for drooling and tracking in mud. Unfortunately, cleanliness is not next to Godliness for this particular saint!

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