Should Dogs Wear Winter Coats?

Look Over There!A well-groomed coat by the best provider of dog groomers Norfolk has is all many dogs need come winter, according to experts – so should dog owners think twice before decking their pup out in a parka?

Couture for our canine friends is certainly on the up this winter, with more and more high street stores looking to cash in on the trend. Many of them are certainly very cute, however, Mark Johnston from the British Small Animal Veterinary Association believes there are only a few occasions when an additional coat might be necessary. Otherwise, he and other experts believe they can be detrimental to your dog’s health.

“Dogs have developed a very effective coat of their own, which will protect them from the elements,” he says. “It is adjustable so they can raise the fur to control their temperature. Dressing them in a coat diminishes the animal’s ability to regulate their own body temperature and could be detrimental if the animal gets too hot.”

The only cases where coats are recommended by experts such as the RSPCA are for dogs which are balding, old, ill or breeds bred to have less hair, such as greyhounds, where coat-wearing is widespread. You may know your dog’s needs better than anyone, so as long as your dog’s outerwear is on for all the right reasons, you’re on the right track. Other than that, let us see that your best friend is gloriously groomed and let your pooch’s own natural coat be a fashion statement and winter warmer all wrapped up in one.

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