Dog Grooming Tips for Summer

With the weather heating up, you need to make sure that you really keep an eye on your dog’s health and hygiene, as the hot sun bearing down on them in their shaggy coats can create a number of problems – and a good way to maintain a healthy pup is to find the best mobile dog groomers Norfolk has available.

You might be tempted to ask your groomer to shave off your pet pooch’s hair so they don’t overheat during the summer months, but this is actually one of the worst things you could do, since doggy coats are used as natural weather controls and shaving them down actually reaps no benefits at all. It can also lead to skin problems, so avoid the temptation to do this.

What you can definitely ask the groomer to do is give your furry friend a regular bath during the summer, as this will help keep their coats well groomed and very sleek. Once they’ve had their bath, give them a good brush afterwards so you can get rid of any dead skin or extra hair – and you’ll have one beautiful shiny dog!

There are steps you can take at home to ensure that your trusted companion has fun in the sun this summer, such as avoiding taking them for overly long walks on very hot days and making sure they have somewhere shady to rest when outside. You could even think of putting a wading pool in your garden so they have somewhere to cool off!

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