Get Your Dog Flea-Free After The Summer

Dog Being Treated For Ticks and Fleas

The weather has turned cooler marking the end of summer, which is why this is the perfect time to take advantage of the services of mobile dog groomers in Norfolk to get rid of your pooch’s fleas in time for autumn.

Attack of fleas in warmer weather 

These pests are among the top annoyances of dog owners about the summer, as lots of dogs get infested with fleas when the weather is warmer and humidity levels are high.

If you don’t get rid of them now, they could persist throughout winter, causing your beloved pooch a lot of itching and discomfort. That’s why it’s crucial you get a professional flea treatment before autumn starts to ensure all the pests are well and truly gone.

Prevent a home infestation

If problems with your pet’s fleas don’t get resolved quickly, you risk having a home infestation. Female fleas can lay up to 25 eggs per day, hatching after just ten days, resulting in thousands of fleas cropping up all over the place in a short amount of time.

It is worth getting your dog treated to prevent any further spread of fleas, as their life cycles are slower during the colder months, which means you might not realise you have a problem until next summer comes and your house is full of them!

Avoid serious health problems

Fleas aren’t just uncomfortable for your furry friend, they can cause serious health risks. As they are very itchy and trigger dogs scratching at their fur and skin a lot, they can result in severe skin problems. Furthermore, the fleas feed on their blood, and in extreme cases, pets can die from complications due to blood loss.

That’s why you should get your flea treatment sorted today, so you and your pooch can have a worry-free winter.

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