Caring For Your Old English Sheepdog

Mobile dog groomers NorfolkThere are fluffy puppies and then there are FLUFFY puppies, and as any owner of an Old English Sheepdog will know, this particular breed has far more than its fair share of hair – so if you’ve just brought one home with you, be very well prepared and have the best mobile dog groomers Norfolk has on speed dial.

Historically a drover, these dogs were used to help farmers drive their sheep and cattle to market, and you can only imagine the absolute state their beautiful shaggy coats must have been in by the time they made it back home again. And as gorgeous as their coats truly are, the upkeep is quite considerable so you can expect to spend around three or four hours a week just in hair maintenance!

In fact, a lot of the time these dogs are given up to rescue centres or put up for adoption because the general upkeep is so time-consuming, not to mention all the vacuuming you have to do when your pup decides to moult. You really do need to think long and hard about whether you have the time to devote to looking after an Old English Sheepdog.

However, these canine companions really do make the best of friends and, hair aside, you really won’t regret it if you do decide it’s the breed for you. They’re intelligent, easygoing and great with children – you’d be hard pushed to find a pup with a better temperament! And besides, you can always call in the dog groomers every week to help you deal with all that fluff.

Fancy one for yourselves? Have a look at the map of puppies for sale on The Kennel Club website.

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