Dog Grooming in Norfolk This Winter

mobile dog groomers NorfolkThe temperature has been dropping recently and with the change in weather comes a number of challenges to dogs and their owners when keeping them well groomed. We here at Shampooch, one of the best mobile dog groomers Norfolk has to offer, have spoken to many dog owners over the years and here are their top tips.

Keeping warm
Some owners are concerned that their dog needs to keep its coat longer than normal in the winter in order to keep warm. While it is true that outdoor dogs need longer coats in the winter, dogs that live indoors do not need to change their normal cut. Dog owners who are concerned about keeping their dogs warm can consider a longer cut or a doggie sweater.

Though most dogs are well adapted to the cold, owners of dobermans, toy dogs, low hair or hairless dogs, and greyhounds should consider that those breeds can be more susceptible to the cold. The winter weather can also make it difficult for owners to get to their dog groomer, so consider a mobile dog groomer in Norfolk.

Keeping clean
It is not just the cold that owners need to consider in the winter weather, the increasingly wet conditions can cause problems for many owners. Keeping dogs dry and clean when out on walks can be a challenge, especially in muddy conditions. Owners should consider the route they are taking when out walking their dogs, and avoid muddy areas. Gravel tracks and beach walks can mean avoiding the worst of the winter mud. If your dog still manages to get stuck in the mud you can of course give your local dog groomers a call to discuss booking a bathing appointment. 

Matted hair
A combination of winter cold, rain and wind can cause significant problems with the coats of some breeds, particularly long haired dogs. Matting can occur and requires particular care and attention when attempting to de-mat dogs’ coats. Dog owners in Norwich can take advantage of de-matting services offered by your local groomer. If they’re mobile and can come to you, more’s the better!

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