Panda Dogs ‘New Grooming Trend’

If you’re thinking of taking your favourite furry friend to the best dog groomers Norfolk has to offer to give it a bit of a pampering session, you might be interested to hear about the latest grooming trend currently sweeping China – panda dogs!


Can a Hydro Bath Help Your Dog

If your pet pooch is getting on in years and starting to suffer from arthritis, lameness or hip dysphasia, or perhaps he or she is a little on the obese side, you might want to book a session with a mobile dog groomers and take them for a heated hydro bath, as this can really help to ease the symptoms of such conditions.

Rescue Dogs Given Makeovers!

If you’re looking for the best dog grooming Norwich has to offer and are wondering just what to expect, all you need to do is take a look at the rescue dogs at Wood Green Rescue Centre in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire, to see just what a difference taking your pet for a pampering session can make.