How To Get Rid Of Fleas

Norfolk mobile dog groomerFleas can make your pet’s life completely miserable, so talk to your local Norfolk mobile dog groomer about how best to prevent them and what to do if your pooch does happen to get a nasty case of the itches. Here are a couple of tips from us here at Shampooch to help you in the meantime.

Bear in mind that while you might have treated your pet, you could still have a flea problem. Fleas can live for months without a host so you need to make sure that you treat your house as well as your animals to really tackle the situation head on.

Clean your skirting boards, floors, furniture and bedding on a regular basis, which will help to destroy any remaining fleas and throw the dustbag in your vacuum cleaner out so you know you’ve properly disposed of them.

When it comes to treating the fleas on your dog or cat, make sure that you only use a treatment that has been recommended for it, or that has been prescribed by your vet. Not only can fleas make your pet incredibly itchy, they can also suffer allergic reactions as a result or if your dog is frail or very young, they could potentially die from blood loss as the fleas feed on them.

You could also leave your dog open to the risk of tapeworm if you don’t treat their fleas and keep your house clean. If, for example, your pet eats flea larvae that has tapeworm eggs inside, they can then come down with worms as well as fleas.

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