Pekingese: Easy To Care For!

PekingeseIf you’re looking for a pup that’s easy to look after and quite low maintenance, chat to your local Norwich dog groomer – they’ll tell you just how simple it is to care for a Pekingese.

They’re pretty laid back where dogs are concerned, don’t do a lot of drooling and need under 20 minutes of exercise a day (although we’re sure they’d appreciate going for longer walks on the odd occasion). They might snore a bit, but they’re not that big on barking, so if you’re after an apartment dog a Pekingese would be a great choice.

However, as your qualified dog groomer will certainly tell you, they do require quite a lot of brushing on a daily basis. The majority have shorter coats but make sure you focus on grooming each and every day. You’ll have to make sure that their faces are kept clean as well, particularly around the wrinkles on their noses. If you don’t feel comfortable or confident in your dog grooming abilities, call your local mobile service for help. They’ll know what to do.

Remember, however, that Pekingese do need to be around people a lot of the time in order to be happy little dogs. They love attention and won’t put up with being ignored for long, so if you’re going to be out a lot at work or otherwise, it might be worth looking at the benefits of other breeds. If you have children, don’t worry as these dogs get on well with older kids.

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