Shih Tzu: Caring For The Lion’s Son

Shih TzuThe Shih Tzu is a breed of Mandarin toy dog that requires just as much work and attention as any other dog and may need frequent trips to your Norwich dog groomer to keep them looking magnificent.

Also known as the Xi Shi dog after Xi Shi, the most beautiful woman of ancient China, the Shih Tzu is a dog that needs careful grooming to prevent problems further down the line. As a long-haired breed, the Shih Tzu’s fur is prone to matting and requires brushing at least once a day.

The hair around the eyes needs careful attention to prevent it getting in them and causing infections, leading to blindness and cataracts, and areas around the belly and legs will need trimming to prevent matting and subsequent hot spots.

Of course, if you keep your Shih Tzu well groomed and grow out its long hair, you can end up with a very beautiful dog (or Cousin It if you choose not to tie its hair back!). Many owners visit the mobile dog groomers fairly often to keep the hair short to stop the problems associated with matted hair but choose to keep length on the tail.

The sight of a big spread of hair waving around as the dog wags its tail is a lovely and frequent one. The breed is a happy sort and will get on very well with neighbours or even strangers when it knows they’re not a threat. They can be seen as stubborn but this is usually because of a very strong personality.

This personality (and the lively, playful behaviour) can sometimes mean a need for extra training as the dog can be quite happily unaware of what it’s doing wrong but with a little extra time and effort, you can have a very loving companion who will be happy to play or lie on his bed as you watch TV. For more information about this breed, go to the All Shi Tzu website.

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