Grooming Your Irish Terrier

dog grooming norwichCall your Norwich dog groomers for advice if you’ve recently got an Irish terrier, to be shown how to groom it properly and what to do with its coat. You will already be aware that your Irish Terrier has a unique coat with the tip of each hair a deep shade of red, the main part of its shaft is wheaten lightening towards the root.

The coats are wiry growing flat and close to the body and as they go past their peak, they become wavy. At the base of the outer coat is a softer undercoat that provides water-proofing. If you have an Irish Terrier as a pet you will need it to be ‘stripped’ twice a year.

Stripping involves pulling out the dead hair and is time consuming, so don’t be surprised if you get a fairly high quote from a professional for doing it. When you decide to groom your own terrier it is important to invest in a grooming stand to assist in getting this fidgety terrier to keep still.

An Irish terrier is unlikely to get particularly dirty as his undercoat will protect him. You can bath them if they are dirtier than normal, or dirtier than brushing can remove. When bathing use a dog shampoo and lather the entire body, avoiding the head. The dog will need to be rinsed several times to ensure that all of the soap is removed from their coat. You can place cotton wool buts inside the ears to protect from water splashes.

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