Lungworm Cases ‘Up 35%’ In 5 Years

puppyBefore you take your pooch to a Norwich mobile dog groomer, make sure you’ve done all you can to protect your pup from lungworm since figures from a leading animal charity have revealed that cases have climbed by more than 35 per cent in five years.

The problem used to be more prevalent in Wales and southern England, but the PDSA is now saying that it is much more widespread than that now, causing weight loss, a cough and difficulty breathing. It can even be fatal in the most extreme of cases.

Vicki Larkham-Jones, PDSA vet, advised dog owners that the parasite is carried by snails and slugs, and becomes problematic when eaten by dogs as they eat grass, drink from puddles, pick up their outdoor toys or nose their way through the undergrowth.

“There has been a significant increase in the number of confirmed cases of lungworm at our pet hospitals. In 2009 there were 49 confirmed cases and this had risen to 66 cases in 2014. However, the true figure is likely to be much higher, as not all infected animals can be positively diagnosed,” she said.

The symptoms of lungworm in dogs are initially only seen at extreme moments of exercise, gradually becoming more noticeable as the disease progresses. If you’re at all worried about your dog, make sure you make an appointment with the vet as soon as you possibly can. Chances are your dog won’t have lungworm but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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