Panda Dogs ‘New Grooming Trend’

If you’re thinking of taking your favourite furry friend to the best dog groomers Norfolk has to offer to give it a bit of a pampering session, you might be interested to hear about the latest grooming trend currently sweeping China – panda dogs!

Pet shops in the city are rapidly selling out of chows that have had their hair snipped and then coloured so that they look like miniature pandas – and people just can’t seem to get enough of these cute little critters.

According to the Metro, animal store owner Hsin Ch’en noted that he is having a hard time meeting demand and, where once breeds like Labradors and French bulldogs were the top canine of choice, now it’s all about panda dogs and nothing else.

“With a bit of careful grooming and colouring it is easy to turn a chow into a panda dog in about two hours,” Mr Ch’en remarked. “Then the look will stay with the dog for around six weeks and the owners bring them back for some touching up.”

Of course, the look won’t work on all types of dog but that shouldn’t mean that your pooch has to forgo its own pampering session. Why not see what treatments you think your dog would benefit from? You could take him for a heated hydro bath, some shampooing or just a flea treatment… but what better way to really show your appreciation for man’s best friend? Dogs do so much for their owners, so why not give a little back today?

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