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3 Cleaning And Grooming Requirements Of Bulldogs

Bulldogs are an immensely popular breed, with celebrities from Adam Sandler and Reece Witherspoon to John Legend and Ozzy Osbourne owning one (or more!). But hiring a professional dog grooming service in Norwich may be the best way to ensure your canine stays in excellent health.

cleaning a bulldogDue to the way they’ve been bred over the years, bulldogs often have special cleaning and grooming requirements. Here are some of the issues you may need to watch for if you own a bulldog.

  1. Skin folds 

English bulldogs tend to have a lot of skin folds, particularly around their face and lips. These creases can become infected, so it’s crucial your dog is regularly cleaned and checked for potential outbreaks. Skin folds become deeper as the dog ages, but familiarise your pooch with the process as a pup.

  1. Eyes 

Bulldogs often suffer from eye problems due to the eyelashes curling underneath the lid. They also have a short muzzle, which means their eyes are more likely to come into contact with dust and irritants when sniffing. Frequent cleaning prevents these problems from occurring or getting worse.

  1. Coats 

Bulldogs typically have short coats, so many people assume they don’t need regular grooming. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, as brushing and washing a bulldog’s coat not only keeps it shiny and healthy, but also allows you to quickly spot any skin conditions before they develop.

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The Dog Bun Trend – Is It Safe?

dog walkThere’s a new trend on social media that’s all to do with coiffing your dog, but it’s not something you’ll find on offer from the best dog groomer Norwich has on its books. No, it’s the #dogbun trend that’s been sweeping the world’s dog owners.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on men’s hairstyles of late, you might have heard about the rise of the ‘man bun’ – a top knot worn by men that’s been all the rage for the last year – and now it seems that pooch owners have decided it’s a good look for their dogs too.

For many long haired breeds such as the Shih Tzu or Maltese terrier, tying the hair back in a ponytail or sorts has long been a way to allow them to have long hair, without it interfering with their vision – so in that regards it’s nothing new. For those owners of long-haired dogs who are posting photos of their super cute-looking dogs with their hair tied out of their eyes, it’s great – who doesn’t like a Instagram photo of a pooch after all.

However, there are some owners of short-haired breeds who have also jumped on the bandwagon, tying their dogs ears up to create the dog bun effect – something condemned by animal healthcare professionals.

According to the Refinery29 website, Dr. Ann Hohenhaus of the Animal Medical Centre in New York said: “Pet owners should never use rubber bands or hair clips to pull back dog ears– as these could interrupt blood supply and cause serious damage to the ears.”

So if you’ve got a long-haired lovely at home, then by all means embrace the dog bun, but perhaps leave your pup’s ears out of the equation.

Shampooch’s Essential Guide To Dog Nail Clipping

Labrador puppy pawsClipping your pet’s toe nails can be quite difficult and some dog owners can find it quite traumatic (which is where your Norwich dog groomer will really come in handy). However, if you’re determined to do it yourself, you need to read our guide to getting it right so it’s easy for you and not stressful for your pooch.

Many animals find nail clipping unpleasant, which is perhaps understanding. If you’re not careful, you can cause your pet quite a lot of discomfort if you twist the nail or cut it too short. This can also result in bleeding, so you need to proceed with caution.

Here are our top five tips for getting it right.

  1. Associate clipping with something pleasant. Always give your dog a treat after he’s had his nails clipped, starting off with one nail at a time. Then try and trim a few more before giving him another treat.

  2. Go slow. Take your time, especially if it’s the first time it’s been done. And make sure you talk to him quietly to soothe him if he gets distressed.

  3. Choose your trimmers wisely. There are different types available and you may find you work better with scissor-esque trimmers.

  4. Do your trimming in a quiet area to keep your dog calm.

  5. If you do cut too close to the quick and your dog bleeds, feed him a treat immediately and talk to him calmly and quietly to soothe him.

Talk to your local mobile dog groomer if you need any more advice.

Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

German ShepherdThe summer months are a time when you have to focus on keeping your dog clean and well groomed, so speak to the best dog groomer Norwich has to offer with help in this regard

Other care issues you’ll have to face during the hotter months is making sure you don’t leave your dog in a hot car, which can kill them. You need to make doubly sure you don’t do this in a heat wave.

To make sure they stay cool you need to give the dog access to cool water at all times, and also shade. Make sure they are able to access a cooler part of the house or garden to cool off.

You also need to make sure they don’t exhaust themselves when out on a walk so check for excessive panting.

Read more on dealing with dogs with heat stroke on the RSPCA website and also about what to do if you see a dog in a car.

Sweating and heat can make their coat dirty and smelly so consider washing them more frequently than normal. High grass, seeds and pollen can also get caught in their coats and cause matting so ensure you keep on top of this.

Long-haired dogs are at particular risk of matting but you need to brush all dogs from time to time. ‘Fluffy’ breeds may require brushing daily to keep on top of matting.

Unfortunately, if your dog’s coat has ended up matted you may need to consider taking them in for a trim to remove any clumps of hair.  


Top 5 Dog Photography Tips

dog photographyOnce you’ve had your session with the best dog groomer Norwich has to offer, it’s the perfect time for your pet pal to have their picture taken – after all, they’ll be looking their very best. But, capturing your dog on film can be harder than it sounds, so here are our top five tips for creating amazing pet portraits at home.

1. Keep calm and carry on

The sure fire way to fail in getting pup to sit still in one place is to try force him or her to do so. Keep calm and let the dog lead you – use only your hand controls and avoid repeating commands and his or her name, as they’re sure to get confused.

2. Sink to their level

To really capture their character on camera, it might require some limbering up beforehand. Get down to their level to take your shots even if that means getting on your hands and knees.

3. Model rates

Most models don’t work for free – and you might find it’s the same for those who strut the catwalk on four legs. While fame and fortune aren’t likely to entice your dog to give you the picture perfect shot, some treats may well. Keep plenty to hand!

4. Follow the light

A great tip for any photography is to use natural light to your advantage. Most cameras work better in these conditions, so aim for daytime photography in a light and airy space. Failing that, the great outdoors is a perfect location!

5. Say cheese!

Getting your canine Cindy Crawford to look at the camera is a great way of making an engaging picture – though easier said than done. Get their attention with treats or hand movements before snapping away. 

Prepare Your Dog For Nail Trimming

PomeranianOne aspect of dog ownership that some owners choose to get done by the best dog groomer Norwich has to offer is nail trimming.

Some owners are wary about carrying this out themselves as it can make both dogs and owners quite nervous. However, it is important as if your dog’s nails get too long they can break, which is painful and can sometimes result in infection.

Nails that haven’t been trimmed can also cause problems walking that lead to skeletal damage.

Whether or not you want to trim your dog’s nails yourself or you want to send them to a vet or groomer to do it then you need to bear in mind that you need to teach your dog to associate nail trimming with things he loves.

So whenever you cut your dog’s nails, immediately follow up with doing something he loves. For example, clip a nail and then feed your dog a delicious treat. The dog will eventually decide that nail clipping is fine.

You can also prepare your dog for nail trimming by slowly letting them get used to you touching their feet. You can try picking up one of your dog’s paws and gently touch his toes and nails for a few seconds. Then release his paw and immediately give him a treat. Repeat this for a couple of minutes.

If after a couple of days the dog seems comfortable with this then try placing a pair of clippers to their nails and then give them a treat. Repeat this as you did the other steps.

Once this has been done you should be able to proceed with clipping your dog’s nails, whether you do it yourself or get your groomer to do it, with as little stress as possible for you and your pet.

Read more about nail clipping on the ASPCA website.

Caring For Great Danes: Top Tips

dog groomer NorwichBuying a dog the size of a Great Dane is not something that should be undertaken lightly – they can grow up to 34” tall and can weigh up to 200 pounds, so you need to know what you’re getting yourself into before you make any life-changing puppy purchasing decisions. Have a chat with the best dog groomer Norwich has to offer if you need a bit of advice.

When it comes to grooming, you should make regular appointments with your local mobile doggy salon and have your pup’s nails clipped and ears cleaned every four to eight weeks. Because of the size of these pooches, you’ll probably struggle to give them a bath yourself, but a professional dog groomer will know how to handle big animals so don’t worry too much if you can’t do it on your own.

Exercise is of course very important for these dogs – in their first year, monitor their exercise closely because their bones are still growing and you don’t want them to injure themselves, but once they’re fully grown long walks are an absolute must. Just remember that the more you exercise them, the more they’ll need to eat… and these are very big dogs so that’s a very big tummy to fill!

Talking of food, portion control is very important. Don’t free feed your Great Dane, as it could overeat and become more sluggish and lethargic, which nobody wants to happen. Looking after a Great Dane is a big commitment but they are wonderful friendly dogs and would make a lovely addition to your family.

How To Care For Your Chow Chow

chow chowIf you’re thinking of getting a chow chow as a family pet, then excellent choice! These pups are particularly affectionate towards their owners and make very good guard dogs, as well as being easy to house train – the perfect pet! However, make sure you book regular sessions with the most qualified dog groomer Norwich has available, as their thick coat means they do need a bit of looking after.

You should ensure that you give your new puppy a good brushing at least once a week and take them to the dog grooming salon for a tidy up every now and again. Watch out for tangles in their soft undercoat and tease these out as gently as you can, although if you’re worried about hurting your pooch your groomer can do this for you.

During the summer, it might be worth taking them to the groomers more frequently as they can get itchy and rather uncomfortable in hot weather. You would too if you had all that fluff! They can pull at their coats if they get too hot and this could result in inflammation or open sores, so check your pet over regularly during the summer months.

What you’re also likely to find is that your chow chow hates bathtime. They’re not big fans of water (and hate going out in the rain), so if you’re bathing your dog yourself make sure you’re very gentle and do everything slowly so as not to scare them. To dry them off, it’s probably best to keep them inside in a warm room until the hair dries naturally. Check out even more grooming tips here.