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Grooming For Working Dogs

Sheep dog

It isn’t just show dog owners who will need the help of the best dog groomers Norwich has to offer – no, all kinds of dogs will need to have their coats regularly cut, cleaned and combed. This includes working dogs, and while there may not be one set of hard and fast rules for all working breeds, there are certainly some guidelines to follow.

Working dogs may not get dinner until they’ve done a day’s work, but their coats still need to be regularly tended to by their owners. Hunting breeds like cocker spaniels love to get muddy in their working life, so their coat needs to be groomed often to prevent it becoming too tangled and matted with mud and dirt. In between visits to the groomer, this can be done by waiting for the mud to dry before combing it out.

Working dogs may not need to be as precisely trimmed as a prize-winning poodle, but ensuring their coat is kept under control is still important for their own health and well-being, especially in warmer months where they are still being put to work. Shampooch offers speedy clipping services at your location with our mobile unit, perfect for visiting Norwich’s farms for some Border Collie trimming!

We know that your working dogs aren’t used to being spoilt in quite the same way that some pet dogs are by their owners, but roping in the Norwich’s top dog groomer is the ideal way to save you time grooming your dog yourself. We also groom golden retrievers and Labradors, so if you are disabled and need a groomer to attend to your assistance dog’s needs, Shampooch could be the perfect choice.

How Naughty is Your Pup

Dogs are such funny creatures, with amazing personalities of their own – and different breeds have their own individual characteristics, which can really help when it comes to choosing what sort of pup you want for your very own.

Those of you out there planning on taking your new furry friend for the best mobile dog grooming Norfolk has available might be interested to hear that, if they haven’t bought their new puppy just yet, Chihuahuas are actually the very naughtiest dogs around.

According to a study from financial comparison website PayingTooMuch.com, owners of these little dogs have to pay out £866 over the animal’s lifetime in order to replace ripped-up plants from their gardens, ruined carpets and chewed sofas. A spokesman commented on the study, noting that “there are a large number of people who don’t have insurance – whether that is contents cover for your home or pet insurance to cover the costs of vets’ bills or damage to other people’s property”.

The second naughtiest dog emerged as the dachshund, closely followed by the boxer, the Dalmatian and the bulldog. The top five least destructive dogs emerged as the Staffordshire bull terrier, the West Highland white terrier, the Yorkshire terrier, spaniels and whippets.

When it comes to buying a pet, you do need to make sure that you get the right breed for you and your family, but you also need to make sure that you have insurance in place so that you are protected against all eventualities.