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Extreme Dog Styling

Yorkshire terrier grooming at the salon for dogsWhen you are looking out for the best mobile dog groomer Norwich has to offer have a look at some of the fashionable dog styles to help you make up your mind.
But don’t stop at the most obvious, or kennel club approved styles, take a look at some of the more extreme styles that some dog groomers offer.
The Creative Dog Styling Championships are held every year and feature dogs styled to look like film characters, such as yoda, or even as different animals.

Not content with just clipping the dogs a certain way, many of them are groomed using hair dye to create works of art on their coats The Daily Mail reported.

The championships are held in the US but dog groomers from all over the world fly out for a chance at taking home a gong, a highly recognised award in the industry that can result in a lot of attention for the individual groomer’s business.

Not only do they win the award but they also get to feature on the front cover of groomer and groomer magazine which is an industry favourite across the globe for dog groomers.

Of course, individuality and originality are the order of the day if you want to win, with new characters and new techniques being developed all the time by people keen to show off their skills on their dogs.
If you want to speak about the best styling for your dog, whether you want them to try a new look or whether you want to just keep them neat and tidy have a chat with us.