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4 Of The Easiest Dog Breeds To Have As Pets

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Whether it’s shampooing, nail trimming, flea treatments and more – owning a dog is a long-term commitment. Even with the best mobile dog groomers in Norwich on your side, you may want to pick a particular breed if you prefer the easy life!

Therefore, here is our list of low-maintenance canines:


Chihuahuas are extremely popular with celebrities and are a great choice for owners who don’t have a lot of time on their hands. Their tiny size means grooming is simple, even if you have a long-haired breed.


If you want a family pet, you can’t go wrong with a beagle. While not as petite as a Chihuahua, beagles are relatively small and have short hair that doesn’t require extensive grooming. However, you may want to have their droopy ears regularly cleaned to prevent infections.


Small dogs aren’t for everyone, so a greyhound could be more appropriate if you’re looking for easy grooming in a bigger pooch. Despite their racetrack personas, greyhounds are surprisingly laid back in the house, although they will require short bursts of exercise on occasion.


We covered the grooming requirements of bulldogs recently on the blog, but overall they are a fairly low-maintenance breed that doesn’t require much exercise, training or space. They can become overweight pretty easily though, so regular walks are better for their long-term health.

These are just some of our favourite easy-to-own dogs. There are plenty more, so make sure you do your research to ensure you pick a dog that’s perfect for your home, family and lifestyle.