Tips on grooming dogs for the winter

winter dog


As the cold weather approaches and the seasons shift, it’s important to know how to keep your pooch preened over the winter. These tips will help you know what your mobile dog groomer in Norwich will need to do to keep your furry friend in top condition over the next few months.

 –   Bathe more regularly

It might be cold, which makes drying your dog more difficult, but it’s important to keep bathing your companion during the autumn/winter. The inclement weather is likely to result in your pooch becoming very muddy and wet. While the dirt will need to be washed off, a wet dog will become colder and their body temperature could drop as a result.

By bathing and towel drying the dog – or even blow-drying if they’ll let you – you can avoid them becoming ill or developing hypothermia.

– Keep brushing your dog’s coat

If your dog is an outdoor one, you might want to let their coat grow during the winter months to keep them warmer. However, it is important to always make sure it is well-brushed. This is because if your dog’s fur is tangled and matted, it can actually make them cooler.

Their undercoat acts as insulation, so it’s vital you look after it well with regular brushes.

Mud and snow cause matting, which is another reason why washing their fur regularly is so important.

– Look after paws

Their poor paws have to endure a lot during the winter – ice, rain, snow and salt. Therefore, you should pay extra attention to their feet when it’s cold outside.

Make sure you trim the hair between the pads of their toes so snow and ice doesn’t stick to the fur here. You should also rinse and dry their feet regularly, and keep their toenails short.

When nails are cold, they break more easily, while dogs who stay indoors more during the winter won’t have a chance to naturally trim their claws when running outside.

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